Types of Outdoor Blinds in Bendigo

Outdoor blinds in Bendigo are a great addition to patios. They improve the aesthetic value of the home and allow owners to still enjoy sitting out during harsh weather conditions without discomfort. These blinds also block out the dust, thus keeping furniture clean at all times.

There are different types of blinds available, but it is important to choose one that offers sufficient protection from the harsh sun rays and cold winds. There are two important things to consider when making a choice: the materials used to make the slates and the way the blinds are operated.

  1. Checking the material: What are they made up of?

Some blinds are made from clear materials such as PVC so as not to block the view. This is easy to clean and maintain thus durable; however, they are not quite elegant. There are others made of bamboo that are opaque and offer a lot of privacy. The wooden look is quite elegant and complements the design. Since these are natural, they are able to withstand outdoor weather conditions without fading or getting damaged. The only con is that they can be a bit expensive.


Outdoor blinds in Bendigo made from fabric are also available. These are easy to roll up or down. When drawn, they have the traditional curtain look. They are affordable and are preferred by those on a budget. When they get dirty, they are easy to remove and wash, and then put back up. A disadvantage with using these is that fabric wears out quite easily.

  1. How do you operate these?

The types of blinds can also be distinguished based on the how they are operated. Vertical blinds are popular outdoors because they are easy to operate. They can cover the whole length from the ground to the roof comfortably. It is possible to open them to different degrees thus controlling the amount of light coming through. These can be made from varying fabrics and a wide range of design and colors so they can match the furnishings on the patio.

While there are security camera systems, there are also horizontal blinds that use a cord which connects all the slates. When the cord is pulled, it can either draw them open or shut them. This is appropriate for small areas where it is easy to access the cords and draw them. For large windows or French doors, motorized blinds are the best. These can be controlled using a remote that draws the blinds whenever needed. Therefore, saving a lot of time and energy that would have been used, going round drawing each of them individually. However, when using additional electricity, costs will be incurred to power them.

It is advisable to buy blinds after carefully considering their final application. All the pros and cons of each have to be thought of when making the final decision.