The Coupling of Natural and Man-Made Materials in Modern Architecture

Modern Architecture, also referred to as Modernist Architecture, developed over the turn of the 20th century. It incorporates and brings in to play the basic principles of architecture combined with modern advancements of technology. What this chiefly translates into is the seamless incorporation of modern construction technology, innovative ideas, and basic principles and building blocks of the discipline of architecture.

In recent times, it has become popular to include the natural environment into the building of one’s home. While the home itself may favor modern architecture featuring ore contemporary materials, nature plays an important role in adding beauty and tastefulness to the home. For this purpose, modern architecture has strived to create a seamless flow between the building constructed and the surrounding environment. This is achieved by using a series of specific materials.

Timber – Timber has become a highly sought after material in the contraction of modern homes. Most favored in the instalment of floors, timber has also been used extensively for storage space in the form of cabinets, partitions in the form of doors, and protection in the form of timber roofing.

The use of timber brings a modern spin on using natural materials as a main focus point in constructing beautiful homes. It also provides strength and character to a structure, and the alluring ‘grain’ of timber is a coveted feature.


Glass – A common construction material, usually seen used in windows, glass has now surpassed its obvious use in the building of homes. Extensively used in modern construction in a principal way, glass is now being used to construct entire walls. This method first gained popularity in the construction of beachside homes, where the view was the main focus of the home. This connoted that the disadvantage of blocking the attractive views that a solid opaque wall or partition will inevitably bring about, was unwanted. This led to the development of reinforced types of glass that were specifically manufactured to withhold the weight of a building. This art spread fast and wide, and is now being used in vast amounts all over the world.

Glass is also being used in modern homes to add a sense of seamlessness to other design elements within the home. This can be seen in the use of large mirrors to create the illusion of bigger spaces, the incorporation of frameless glass balustrades as well as reinforced glass stairways, and even creative additions such as glass roofing in certain areas, to maximize on natural lighting.

Concrete – Cut cement and concrete have become increasingly considered for flooring, and as a way to build a strong structure capable of withstanding the test of time and wear, as well as a material whose appearance serves as a backdrop to showcasing the other elements of timber and glass, without taking away or distracting from the overall quality of the building. Cut cement flooring is also considered to be a highly efficient way in which to minimize cleaning and maintenance of the home.