Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment, as the name suggests, are protective gear that should be worn at several workplaces, for the protection of the workers. The protective equipment required varies greatly, from job to job. It is the responsibility of the employer to provide their employees with good quality protective gear. This is enforced by law. At the same time, the employee should make sure the protective gear is being used effectively, an at all times necessary.

Not only do personal protective equipment protect the workers, they also protect their employers. Employers stand the risk of being sued, if anything happens to their employees at the workplace, in a situation where they have not been provided with adequate protective gear. They could also be subjected to hefty fines by several state institutions, if they fail to abide by the laws related to provision of adequate safety gear to their employees. It is also the ethical and the right thing to do. Everyone else’s safety should be valued, as much as we value ours.

It is very important that both the employers and employees obtain a thorough knowledge about the right set of protective equipment, suitable for different jobs. This articles cruises through the main types of protective gears used by some occupations.


Firefighters wear a helmet made of heat resistant fibre glass, to protect their heads from falling objects, and of course fire. These helmets have a visor that protects the eyes and the rest of the face against debris, dust and sparks. They also wear flexible and heat proof gloves. The clothes they wear should be made of fire resistant fabric. Water proof boots that also uses no hindrance to the required agility of the firefighter, is equally important.

A good electrician has to wear suitable goggles that are basically wrap arounds, or prevent anything getting in to their eyes. They also wear hard helmets to protect their head from falling or flying objects.

An electrician should also wear insulating gloves, to protect against electric shocks, along with protective gloves over them to be more cautious. Footwear should be chose to minimize any electrical hazards or danger from anything rolling or falling. Click here for more details on electrician in Brookvale.

Doctors and other health care workers must ensure that they wear gloves to stop contagious diseases from being spread further. Masks should be worn not only to protect our self from inhaling unhealthy germs, but also to protect the vulnerable patients from the germs our mouth or noses can exhale. Coats, shoes, goggles etc., keep your skin and eyes safe from the contact of various germ filled bodily fluids of the patients.

Famers and other agriculture related workers should wear protective gloves and masks when dealing with harmful chemicals such as insecticides and pesticides. These harmful chemical cause various type of cancers in farmers.

The above list is not exhaustive. It should be made sure that the personal protection equipment fits you perfectly in size. Once you have identified your equipment, make sure to maintain them well by cleaning them very often. They should also be replaced, as soon as they become unsuitable for use.