Organizing a day out with your colleagues

If you have been tasked with organizing your office’s annual day out or team building trip, you must keep in mind that you have been given a rather big task to handle. Ideally, you will want to get your whole office involved from the very beginning so that you have a team to back you up and handle the different aspect of the trip on your behalf while you handle the overall project. You will need to budget plan for the trip, organize accommodation, meals, transport and team building activities among other things.

Working within your budget

One of the most difficult things about planning out an office trip is having to work within a budget that has been allocated to you by your office. You can save money on activities by not going outside for paid activities but instead by organizing team building activities at the location where you are staying itself such as a game of lawn bowl. You can ask all of your colleagues to bring in their own lawn bowls accessories on the trip when they come in order to avoid having to purchase apparel and gear. In almost all cases, you will find that the actual cost breakdown for your trip is far higher than the budget that you have been allocated and therefore you will need to be creative and find ways of saving money and cutting down on costs right throughout the trip.


If you do not have lawn bowl clothing, you can simply have everyone wear what they consider closest to the kind of apparel that would usually be worn for a game of lawn bowl.

Make a checklist

You will need to begin your planning process by making a list of all the expenses you will have in the form of eight meals for twenty people, two nights’ accommodation for twenty people and so on. After you have done this, you will need to find ways of eliminating certain things on your list to save money. As an example, instead of buying the first meal from a shop or a restaurant, you could organize a sort of potluck or a food sharing party that you can enjoy in the vehicle where each person brings a small dish of food to share. By doing this, you have already eliminated one entire meal which means you save on meals for twenty people. Similarly, you could organise one of your team building events to be a fun cook out in the garden.