4 Essential Accessories For Modern Life

There are three essential things that we cannot live without in this modern age—smartphone, laptop and television. And then we also need a drove of other accessories to make these devices more accessible and convenient to use for us. Here is a list of accessories that you must have to make personal and life easier:

1.     Extra USB Adapters

Your smartphone, laptop or tablet will come with USB adaptors to charge or sync with other devices. However, this adapter can get easily worn out. In that case, it’s handy to have an extra at hand. Also, there are USB adapters that serve a number of purposes and can charge a number of different devices. Consult online iPhone cable suppliers regarding such universal adapters, can buy one to make charging a lot less hassle free for you.

2.     Keyboards for Tablets

Your iPad maybe the most convenient thing in the world, except when it comes to typing. Tablet computers like the iPad can be an extremely useful substitute for a computer especially when travelling. So buy a keyboard for the tablet you have to make it work just like a computer, expect smaller. For example, Apple distributes the Smart Keyboard for the iPad that comes with a case to easily fit into the device and a stand to make the screen mount as you type. Likewise, search online for keyboard cases for the tablet you have for enhanced convenience while working on the go.


3.     Wireless Charging

The business for mobile phone case for iPhone might be on the decline if technology truly takes hold. No, you cannot still charge your smartphones wirelessly, but you can get close enough. Use a power bank, or a multi-plug universal phone charger to charge your electronic devices with little to no hassle.

4.     Leap Motion

Touchscreens are so yesterday. Enter Leap Motion, which will allow you to control functions on your laptop monitor with hand gestures in a very Minority Report like way. Leap Motion enables hand gestures like pointing and waving to generate certain actions. Right now, this tech is not synched with operating systems like windows, so you can’t move files on your desktop with actual hand motions just yet. However, you can play games that have this technology.

The above items will make everything much more convenient and easy to use. However, before you run to the store to buy one of them, make sure you absolutely need it. Consider your budget; if you can’t afford it and you can do without it, then don’t buy it. Also, consider sharing similar gadgets with others.